I was one of those rare cases that married their high school sweetheart at a very young age. We put each other through college, bought a home, started a family, and then I went to work for my Dad as a bookkeeper. I had a very comfortable life, freedom to work when I wanted, bring my babies to work with me and take off when needed.


Unfortunately, tragedy stuck my family and I lost my best friend suddenly due to complications from surgery and I was suddenly a single Mom and the sole financial provider for myself and my 3 children.

I'm not one that stands back and lets things fall into place. I pick myself up and I make it happen. With these 3 beauties as my motivation, I was determined to provide an affordable solution for small businesses to navigate this crazy new era of social media, provide for my children, and have the freedom to work wherever, and whenever I needed or wanted to. So, I started my own marketing business and was working from home full time within 3 months. And now, 8 years later, I have a team with amazing talents and clients I adore!


I hope you will join our Social Nette family!